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Worldwide sends from €3,50*

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Try our fast, low fee service available at R-kioski

Enjoy low fees when you send up to €999,99

Start online, pay at your nearest R-kioski

To send and receive money at R-kioski you must first go online from a smartphone, tablet or computer to prepare your transaction and then you go to a participating R-kioski store to pay.

Three easy steps

  1. Go to r-kioski.moneygram.com
  2. Enter your information
  3. Go to a participating R-kioski store and complete your transaction

Find your closest R-kioski store

The service is currently available at more than 150 R-kioski stores across Finland. During 2018 the network will be expanded to approximately 600 stores.

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Great Benefits

Save time

Save time

Easy online registration, no paperwork

Easy online registration, no paperwork

Increased privacy

Increased privacy

* The listed send fees are valid from February 1st to May 31st, 2018. In addition to the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate will be applied. MoneyGram also makes money from currency exchange. 
** Subject to agent operating hours and compliance with regulatory requirements.